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I am an artist specialising in casting and moulding, so sculpture plays a big part in what I do, l can restore broken sculpture or wooden masks, and l can fix most things that are broken. l have always loved anything art and when l say art l mean things of beauty, detail and delicate superior craftsmanship.


l have a lot of DIY experience and I think that jells well with my arts and craft side as l like things to be sturdy and safe.


I was the first student at Wimbledon UAL that was accepted for an internship at The Conservation Centre at The Natural History Museum, I had to make a replica of the Ichthyosaur Platyodon they have on display to go on tour abroad. I used epoxy resin, kevlar and fibre glass for the body, which was set in two halves then stuck together, then l painted it to match the existing.


l'm in my final year studying special effects, specialising in  casting, sculpting and moulding.

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